Sony FX6 Full-Frame Cinema Line Camcorder

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    Sony FX6 Full-Frame Cinema Line Camcorder

    The FX6 Full-Frame Camera from Sony was developed to offer versatile, cine-style imaging in a truly compact form. With the ability to capture up to 15+ stops of dynamic range, Sony's S-Cinetone gamma for film like skin tones, and up to 10-bit, 4:2:2 XAVC-I recording, the FX6 is poised to both supplement your FX9 or VENICE capture and to nimbly take on documentary, gimbal, and drone shoots on its own. The FX6 camera combines a 4K full-frame Exmor R sensor with a BIONX XR engine for extremely sensitive capture in a range of settings using a base ISO of 800 as well as an ISO 12800 high-sensitivity mode for nuanced low-light scenes.

    Weighing just 890g, the FX6 body is a full 907g lighter than the FX9 and measuring 6 x 4.6", it packs a full-frame sensor into a body comparable to the S35-sensor Sony FS5. While the FX6 fits seamlessly into a pro-cine on-set work flow, it also offers several features that are a boon for a single-operator user. These include fast and accurate phase-detection auto focus with both Face Detection and real-time Eye auto focus, both auto and manual ND filter settings for quick exposure compensation, and a 3.5" LCD monitor that boasts time saving touch screen access to key menu settings and versatile positioning for comfortable operating. In addition to improving the camera's overall stability, firmware update v1.10 adds 100p and 120p options to the Slow and Quick Motion frame rate menu when the codec is set to RAW or RAW and XAVC-I.

    Versatile Addition to Sony Cinema Line
    As part of Sony's Cinema Line, the FX6 shares key imaging features with established cameras like the VENICE and FX9. Common core attributes include a full-frame sensor, film like colour science, a compact, lightweight form, professional connector interfaces, and advanced auto focus choices.

    Compared to the FX9, the FX6 differs in several specs; but many FX6 specs tick the same boxes and several improve upon the FX9:

    • It matches the FX9's video capture up to DCI 4K60
    • Has the same S-Cinetone, S-Log3, and HLG gamma choices 
    • Outputs 16-bit raw like the FX9
    • Sony E lens mount
    • Offers the same 1/4 to 1/128 ND options
    • Also provides 2-channel XLR audio inputs

    FX6 differences from the FX9:

    • 4K capture vs 6K
    • Has a single 12G/6G/3G-SDI BNC port, trimming the FX9's additional 3G-SDI port
    • Incorporates a time code port but lacks the FX9's genlock connector

    Improved FX6 specs include:

    • An ISO range of 320 to 409,600 vs the FX9's 320 to 102,400 range 
    • Top frame rates of 120p in 4K and up to 240p in HD vs the FX9's top 1080p in HD  
    • Dual card slots compatible with both durable, highly efficient CFexpress Type A or widely available SDXC cards, compared to the FX9's reliance on proprietary XQD cards and a single SD card option

    Firmware Update v1.10

    • Adds 100p and 120p options to the Slow and Quick Motion frame rate menu when the codec is set to RAW or RAW and XAVC-I
    • Improves the overall stability of the FX6 camera

    4K Full-Frame CMOS Exmor R Sensor
    The FX6's 10.2 MP image sensor features back-side illumination for excellent low-light performance, 627 focal plane points for speedy phase-detection autofocus, and full-frame lens compatibility that produces a rich, immersive look. The sensor's fast scan speed minimises rolling shutter artifacts and supports high frame rates and quick autofocus responses.

    15+ Stops of Dynamic Range
    The Exmor R sensor also enables the FX6 to capture a whopping 15+ stops of dynamic range in Cine EI mode with S-Log3, creating nuanced, high-resolution images.

    Wide ISO Range
    Choose from a base ISO of 800, a high-sensitivity 12,800 ISO for lower-light capture, and a 409,600 maximum ISO for true low-light settings.

    Electronically Variable ND Filters
    Set the FX6's integrated neutral density (ND) filter system to auto for correctly exposed shots even in changing light conditions, or smoothly adjust the ND filter density manually in increments from 1/4 to 1/128 as you shoot; both options will produce properly exposed images without affecting your chosen depth of field.

    Advanced XAVC Codec Options
    The FX6 is the first compact, full-frame camera to offer UHD 4K 4:2:2 capture in the high-quality yet efficient XAVC-I codec. It also enables you to choose from a range of professional XAVC Intra and XAVC Long codecs at bit rates ranging from 35 to 600 Mb/s.

    High Frame Rate Selections
    For slow-motion and fast action looks, choose from full-frame rates ranging from:

    • 1-60 fps in HD to DCI 4K resolutions
    • 100 or 120 fps in HD through UHD 4K 
    • 150, 180, 200, or 240 fps in Full HD 

    Super35 choices include:

    • 1-60, 100, and 120 fps in Full HD

    Expressive Cinematic Look
    Sony's S-Cinetone gamma curve offers a cinematic look with film like colour, softer tones, and pleasing skin tone reproduction. Not only is this cinematic look available for in-camera viewing, but it can also be captured and output with minimal or no grading at all for a time-saving post process. The S-Cinetone, S-Log3, S-Gamut3, and S-Gamut3.Cine choices also streamline the process of matching FX6 footage with your VENICE or FX9 video and offer broad colour-grading options.

    Fast Hybrid/Phase Detection Autofocus
    Compatible with 50+ native Sony E-mount lenses, the FX6's improved autofocus choices include Face Detection and Eye Autofocus modes for rapid focusing with extremely sharp accuracy, even in lower-light settings. The phase detection autofocus accomplishes this accuracy using seven transition-speed steps and five subject-sensitivity.

    Image Stabilisation and More with Catalyst and Meta data
    Pair the FX6 with Sony's Catalyst Prepare/Browse software to use metadata to stabilize your image, automatically rotate gimbal footage, and add flags for easier clip filtering in post-production.

    Touchscreen 3.5" LCD Control
    The FX6's 3.5" LCD monitor offers both high-resolution viewing and the ease of touchscreen camera control. The LCD quick menu controls include key settings like Codec, Imager Scan Mode, Picture Size and Frequency, Base ISO/Sensitivity, Shooting Mode, and Audio Levels.

    Reliable Design and Construction
    Constructed with a lightweight yet durable magnesium alloy chassis, the FX6 body offers maximum reliability and efficiently disperses heat to enable extended recording times. Exterior seams, buttons, and interfaces have been treated with updated sealing that improves the camera's dust and moisture resistance as well.

    4-Channel Audio Recording
    The FX6 offers up to 4-channel audio recording by combining sources from the dual XLR inputs, the 2-channel multi-interface shoe input, and the stereo mic built into the camera's top handle. This enables the simultaneous use of an external microphone for recording your main audio source and the built-in microphone for ambient sound and/or voice memos by the operator.

    Professional Input/Output Interface
    FX6 input and output ports include a selectable 12G/6G/3G-SDI output for flexible monitoring, 12-bit raw output via SDI, and an HDMI output. It also has timecode input and output for syncing multiple cameras and a built-in Wi-Fi module.

    CFexpress Media Slots and Multiple Recording Modes
    The FX6's dual media slots accept both rugged, high-performance, high-capacity CFexpress Type A cards and widely available UHS-II/UHS-1 SDXC cards. Note that the CFexpress Type A cards are required for 100/120 fps UHD 4K capture and 150/180/200/240 fps HD high-speed capture.

    Modular, Grab-and-Go Design
    The modular design of the FX6 enables you to pare down to its compact body for gimbal or drone use, or it can be used with separately available accessories such as a smart grip and smart handle for fingertip control when shooting handheld. A 3.5" LCD screen can be quickly positioned on the camera at multiple locations to provide comfortable, ergonomic viewing.

    Content Browser Mobile Compatibility
    When used with the separately available Content Browser Mobile app and a compatible smartphone or remote control, the FX6's Wi-Fi function enables remote monitoring and focus/iris/zoom control.

    In the Box

    • Sony FX6 Full-Frame Cinema Camera (Body Only)
    • Handle Unit
    • 3.5" LCD Monitor
    • Grip Remote Control
    • Sony BP-U35 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
    • BC-CU1 Battery Cradle
    • AC Adapter
    • Power Cord
    • USB Type-C Cable
    • LCD Hood
    • Cold Shoe Kit
    • Lens Mount Cap
    • Handle Connector Cap
    • Sony Soft LCD Protector

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