Sony Cinema Line FX30 Camera Body

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    Sony Cinema Line FX30 Camera Body

    Sony's brand new FX30 Cinema Line Camera is designed for content creators looking to create cinema-quality visuals. The outstanding Super 35 image sensor captures stunning 4K resolution video and S-Cinetone technology brings vibrant colours to life. An XLR Handle Unit provides optimum stability when shooting handheld, and five mount threads and numerous ports keep the camera adaptable.

    Sony Cinema Line FX30 Camera Key Features

    • Super 35 interchangeable-lens camera
    • Designed for professional filmmaking
    • Cinematic Super 35 image sensor
    • Stunning 4K Super 35 video resolution
    • S-Cinetone delivers high-quality colours
    • S-Log3 provides smooth colour grading
    • Dual Base ISO (800/2500) reduces noise
    • Real-time eye AF follows faces and eyes
    • AI-based real-time tracking and Stable AF
    • Five thread holes for attaching accessories
    • High-resolution LCD touchscreen display
    • Two XLR audio inputs for high-quality audio
    • USB Type-C, micro-USB, mic, and other ports
    • Works best when used with Sony E-mount lenses
    • Comes with XLR Handle Unit for handheld stability

    Expanded Sony Cinema Line FX30 Camera Key Features:

    Cinematic Image Quality

    The Sony FX30 offers advanced performance and functionality, letting filmmakers create cinematic experiences. At the heart of the FX30 is an image sensor that delivers 4K Super 35 resolution videos with outstanding image quality, high sensitivity and wide dynamic latitude. Dual Base ISO (800/2500) extends the dynamic range so footage always looks incredible in any lighting situation.

    Taken from Sony's VENICE 2 digital cinema camera - which is used in Hollywood productions - this camera features S-Cinetone colour science that captures natural mid-tones, soft colours and gorgeous highlights. S-Log3 gamma curve brings your footage to life when editing and professionally colour-correcting images for the big screen.

    Unrivalled Autofocus

    Adaptable for any shoot, the FX30 delivers accurate autofocus performance that can track subjects in a wide-angle shot across the entire frame. Real-time eye AF follows the face and eyes of a subject, whether it's a human or an animal, so maintaining focus within an extended or moving shot is effortless. Stable AF and flexible focusing can be used in a variety of shooting situations.

    Thanks to AI-based real-time tracking, focus is always precise and smooth over a wide area - even when shooting with a narrow depth of field or tracking fast-moving subjects. The FX30 also has AF Assist, Focus Map and Breathing Compensation functions to further support smooth and effective tracking.

    Effortless Film Production

    Pairing a new main menu with a clear display and intuitive button layout makes operating the camera on film sets easier and more flexible than ever. A flexible high-resolution touchscreen LCD monitor display makes framing shots much easier, particularly when using a gimbal. The new menu allows you to set your favourite items and quickly access them, and an optimised standby mode lets you focus on the composition and framing of a shot before recording.

    When using compatible powered zoom lenses the zoom level offers easy control but it also allows Clear Image Zoom to be used with unpowered zoom and prime lenses with stunning image quality. Auto and manual modes for iris, shutter speed and ISO can be independently set for flexible workflows depending on what you need. An XLR Handle Unit is also included to make handheld shooting stable and comfortable to shoot.

    Expandable and Flexible

    The FX30 is designed to offer expandability with different accessories and rigs for flexible shooting, There are two XLR audio inputs that enable high-quality audio to be recorded. Not only that but when an XLR microphone is used the digital audio data can be transferred to the camera for clean audio signals and high-quality sound. The FX30 also features a Multi Interface Show with a built-in audio interface.

    A slew of ports and connection points can be found around the camera for data transfers and accessory mounting, They include USB Type-C, multi/micro-USB, microphone, and headphone ports, and the body features five thread holes for attaching accessories without needing a cage. The XF30 also supports UVC and UAC standards, letting the camera connect to compatible devices for use as a high-performance webcam.

    What is included

    • 1 x Sony Cinema Line FX30 Camera
    • 1 x Rechargeable Battery NP-FZ100
    • 1 x AC Adapter
    • 1 x Power Cord
    • 1 x Body Cap
    • 1 x Accessory Shoe Cap
    • 1 x Handle Show Cap
    • 1 x USB-A to USB-C Cable

    *Microphone not included*

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