FUJIFILM GFX100 II Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

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    FUJIFILM GFX100 II Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

    Upgrading upon a critical function of any mirrorless camera, the GFX100 II features a massive 9.44m-dot EVF with 120 fps live view and 5 fps of blackout-free shutter use. Additionally, 8-stops of in-body stabilisation helps to create sharper images by reducing camera shake and affords you significantly more control of your shutter speeds.

    Superior Autofocus Performance

    Improved autofocus algorithms and updated tracking ensures your subject stays locked in focus regardless of their movements. Create images at up to 8 fps with the camera's high-speed mechanical shutter or record 4k/60p video at the full width of the GFX100 II's impressive 55mm imaging sensor.

    The introduction of these new features elevates the GFX series and solidifies the GFX100 II as a versatile, high-performing medium format mirrorless camera.

    102MP BSI CMOS Sensor and X-Processor 5

    Featuring a new 102MP resolution 43.8 x 32.9mm BSI CMOS sensor and X-Processor 5, the GFX100 II delivers brilliant autofocus performance with improved tracking. The combination of this high-resolution sensor and processor work together to achieve remarkably fast operation, wide dynamic range, and incredible photo quality, even at higher ISO sensitivities. By incorporating internal subject detection and enhanced autofocus algorithms, FUJIFILM has created a notably reliable autofocus system that keeps subjects in focus while tracking their movement.

    4K/60p Video Recording

    Take full advantage of the GFX100 II's large sensor and internally record video in 4:2:2, 10-bit Apple ProRes, or use HDMI to record 12-bit 4:2:2 Apple ProRes RAW or Blackmagic RAW in resolutions of up to 8K/30p, or, at the full width of GFX100 II's 55mm sensor, at 4K/60p. Accelerate a project's delivery to color grading workflows in Da Vinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro without any need to transcode original camera files before editing.

    8 Stops of In-Body Image Stabilisation

    Shoot at slower shutter speeds with significantly less camera shake than you'd normally experience with up to 8 stops of in-body image stabilization. This also means you'll see better lower low-light performance that relies less on ISO.

    Variable GF Cine Crop

    The GFX100 II provides specified crops and aspect ratios for multiple cinema formats, which includes full-width GF Format, Fujinon PREMISTA (Vista Vision), and 35mm. With a GF to PL adapter, pair the GFX100 II's 55mm large format sensor with some of the world's best cinema optics, including FUJIFILM's collection of Fujinon PREMISTA and CABRIO Zoom Lenses.

    Additionally, the camera offers two different high resolution 35mm anamorphic recording modes that provide various de-squeeze monitoring options in-camera.

    Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud integration

    Deliver photos or video straight to the cloud moments after they're created with the GFX100 II's world first, accessory-free integration for Frame.io Camera to Cloud. Utilize the camera's built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN connection to connect to Frame.io and deliver hi-res raw or JPEG images, send h.264 video proxies, or upload 8K ProRes video securely for review.

    Additional Features

    • Waveform and Vector Scope Monitoring
    • Timecode sync via Atmos AirGlu
    • Object Tracking
    • SSD Recording
    • New REALA ACE Film Simulation mode

    Bох Contents

    • 1 х Fuјіfіlm GFХ 100 ІІ Меdіum Fоrmаt Саmеrа Воdу
    • 1 х Іntеrсhаngеаblе Еlесtrоnіс Vіеwfіndеr ЕVF-GFХ3
    • 1 х Lі-іоn Ваttеrу NР-W235
    • 1 х АС Роwеr Аdарtеr АС-5VЈ
    • 1 х Рlug Аdарtеr
    • 1 х UЅВ Саblе
    • 1 х Ѕhоuldеr Ѕtrар
    • 1 х Воdу Сар
    • 1 х Ноt Ѕhое Соvеr
    • 1 х Vеrtісаl Ваttеrу Grір Соnnесtоr Соvеr
    • 1 х Меmоrу Саrd Ѕlоt Соvеr
    • 1 х Ѕуnс Теrmіnаl Соvеr
    • 1 х Сооlіng Fаn Соnnесtоr Соvеr
    • 1 х Саblе Рrоtесtоr
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